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2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

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  • Overview

    A silver 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is angled left.

    The next generation of electric vehicles is about more than just providing potential shoppers with compact sedans. With the 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV, the crossover electric utility vehicle is aiming to reshape how SUV shoppers view the market of electric vehicles. The all-electric crossover features impressive mileage on a single full charge and lots of high-end technology that makes the ride both fun and entertaining.

    The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is available in four different trim formats, each offering different kinds of features and specialties depending on what you're looking for out of an electric SUV. The trims include the LT, 1LT, 2LT, and the Premier. This is the first model year of the Chevy Bolt EUV, following the success of the original outing of the Chevy Bolt EV, the subcompact all-electric hatchback that took the market by storm. Now, this all-electric SUV is ready to fill the gap for those who want something a little bit bigger than the Bolt.


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  • Performance

    A silver 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is shown from the side driving through a city.

    The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV continues the trend started by the Bolt EV, insofar that it's powered entirely by an electric powertrain. You won’t find any combustion components here. The heart of the Bolt EUV is a lithium-ion battery pack consisting of 288 cells that deliver up to 65 kilowatts of power an hour to the EUV's electric motor.

    The Bolt EUVs single electric motor is a permanent magnetic drive system attached directly to the driveline. It can produce up to 200 horsepower and deliver up to 266 pound-feet of torque. One of the benefits of an all-electric vehicle is that they don't have to build up torque through revs. The power is basically instantaneous, which makes for great take-off times and amazing off-the-line acceleration.

    The Power of the All-Electric Engine

    The 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque generated also equate to great top-end travel speeds and impressive acceleration. You can expect to hit 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 7 seconds flat, even with a curb weight of 3,679 pounds and a carrying capacity of up to 5 passengers. That's actually more impressive than most other SUVs on the market and could give many other performance vehicles a run for their money. These are benefits only associated with electric vehicles since they no longer have to worry about some of the drawbacks with the traditional combustion engines trying to build and maintain power for peak performance. You have instant access to a lot of horsepower right from the get-go.

    Combined with the MacPherson suspension and electric power steering, the Bolt EUV provides nimble turning and responsive handling while on the road. Since the crossover is powered by an electric motor, it also means that traveling is quiet and comfortable, as opposed to the traditional gas-guzzling powertrain.

  • Range

    A silver 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is shown parked in a driveway.

    Since all-electric vehicles no longer have to worry about keeping the tank full of gas, it means that you get the benefit of keeping the vehicle charged based on your scheduled (and unscheduled) destinations. On a single, full charge, you can expect a maximum range of up to 247 miles with the 2022 Bolt EUV. You can also maximize the range thanks to added features to help with energy conservation, such as regenerative braking.

    Driving an EV Is a Different Kind of Experience

    Customizable driving modes are available for the Bolt EUV. When you want to conserve as much energy in the battery pack as possible, you can do so using One Pedal Driving by changing the drive mode in the EUV. The modes include Sport, Drive, and Low. With Sport Mode, you have responsive acceleration and top-end performance at the ready. With Drive Mode, you have the option of driving the Bolt EUV as you would any other vehicle, but with the added ability to utilize regenerative braking by holding down the Regen On Demand paddle on the back of the steering wheel. This enables the Bolt to regain some of its charge but still requires some light use of the brake.

    For Low Mode, it fully embraces One Pedal Driving. This mode offers the strongest amount of regenerative battery power through very limited use of the brake. The majority of the driving will be done using only the accelerator and then releasing the accelerator so the vehicle will apply the brakes. This does not completely remove the need for the brake, but it does reduce the need for any excessive or frequent braking, as most of it will be done when you hold down the Regen On Demand paddle while in Low Mode. This also enables the EUV to attain the maximum amount of battery conservation during travels. According to engineers, effective use of regenerative braking can add up to 5% of additional travel range for the Bolt EUV.

    Don't Forget to Stay Charged

    Charging options are also plentiful for Chevy's all-electric crossover. You can either make use of public charging stations scattered about North America, totaling over 40,000 and counting, or charge your vehicle at home. When using public charging stations, you can charge while out and about town, adding enough mileage to get you to your destination and back home safely. This includes Level 2 charging as well as DC Fast Charging.

    With Level 2 charging, you can add up to 39 miles of range to the EUV with just an hour's worth of charging. With DC Fast Charging, you can add up to 100 miles of range with just 30 minutes worth of charging. This gives you plenty of options in how you charge the Bolt and where you can charge it. In fact, with the myChevrolet app that connects to smart devices, you can actually plan or route your destination in connection with publicly available charge stations, so no matter where you go, you have access to a charger. With the app, you can keep track of where the stations are relative to your position and even utilize remote pay to make charge-and-go stops convenient and easy.

    Alternatively, you can charge up the Bolt EUV right from the comfort of your own home. Using home installation charging stations, you can either go with a Level 1 charge (household outlet) or get a more powerful Level 2 charger, and with the Dual Level Charge Cord, plugging into either is easy. This allows you to charge the EUV overnight, so it's ready for wherever you need to go by morning. With Level 1 you can charge up to 4 miles of range per hour. With Level 2 solutions, you can charge up to 26 miles of range per hour.

  • Technology

    A close up shows the steering wheel and driver assist features in a 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV.

    There Is a Lot of Tech In This EV

    Part of the 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV experience isn't just the electric-only technology that powers the vehicle on the outside but also the high-tech assortment of features located inside. This starts with a fully digital driver information center, featuring an instrument cluster that contains vehicle health, telemetry, and the battery status. The driver information display is accompanied by a separate static-free 8-inch touchscreen.

    The touchscreen includes all of the necessary vehicular infotainment options you would expect from an electric SUV. Some of these features include user profiles to customize the cabin experience of the Bolt EUV, as well as separate apps ranging from guides to multimedia. The very popular Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard with the Bolt, with the added bonus of wireless connectivity. 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot integration is also standard, along with the ability to make calls from your phone using the vehicle's infotainment suite.

    The 5-seater SUV offers up to 96.5 cubic feet of passenger volume, and features available ventilated and heated front seats. The upper-end trims offer premium leather upholstery and a panoramic sunroof for additional luxury options. Everyone also has the ability to relax and enjoy the ride, including the driver, thanks to advanced features like the Chevy SuperCruise, which is hands-free driving technology that allows the Bolt EUV to taxi occupants throughout 200,000 compatible roads that stretch across North America. This is all thanks to LiDar satellite technology that is integrated into the Bolt EUV, taking advanced cruise control mechanisms to the next level. And with the Chevy Safety Assist suite made standard on every trim, you can safely travel to all your destinations, knowing that the best available driving aids will help assist you along the way.


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